Typically, office space is considered as a drain on resources for companies. But if you think ahead and plan properly, you can save office space.

Whether you own a large business or a small business, the productivity of your employees is certainly a key concern for you. You want the productivity to be at its peak all the time, and rightly so. But have you ever given a closer look at the interior of your office and tried to gauge whether the ambiance is congenial enough for spending eight hours and produce great quality work.

Office Space and Productivity – Research Report

A recent study on workplace and productivity reveals that the physical environment of the office hugely contributes to an employee’s productivity. In fact, a well-designed office is capable of boosting productivity about 20%. But the saddest part is, almost 50% of the employers interviewed don’t reckon commercial property renovation a good business investment.

If you don’t belong to that category, and looking for tips to save office space and improve productivity with skilled commercial property renovation, this is the article for you.

Saving office space is yet another big challenge to the employers. There might be scenarios where you cannot afford a big office, but you need to well organize everything in that limited space and create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees.

Things to Relook

Commercial property renovation encompasses a number of things – lighting, furniture, room color, noise level, temperature, storage, sitting arrangement, refreshment, and much more. To save your office space, you should relook at all these features.

Get Rid of Clutter

To save office space, the first thing you should do is to get rid of clutter. If not, do your best to keep it as minimum as possible. It has been commonly noticed that the amount of clutter in an office goes up over time and slowly start encroaching space without anyone’s notice. Perform a review of the things available in the office on a regular basis, and do away with the unnecessary one.

Physical Comfort – Utmost Important

The primary aim of a commercial property renovation should be the physical comfort of your employees. If the office furniture is poorly designed, it may lead to an increase in workers’ compensation claims for carpal tunnel syndrome, slipped discs, etc. So, while renovating to save office space, explore options that are designed for comfort and health. Standing desks has become a common concept, you may consider it.

The bottom line is, you have to ensure that the renovation is designed for comfort and keep employees happy, healthy and productive.

Bring in Nature

Bringing in nature to your office is an integral part of skilled commercial property renovation. Well, this does not mean that you have to bring a forest in your office, but you can add multiple small plants to add to the décor. The presence of plants in an office helps to filter the air, remove mold and bacteria, and most importantly, improves employee productivity.

Natural Lighting

Although, lighting does not directly contribute towards saving your office space, but it is given significant importance at the time of commercial property renovation. The study shows that natural light is always better for health. If possible, ensure that the employees have access to some natural light in the office.

Rather than using fluorescent lighting, go for compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs that more closely mimic natural light. Instead of overhead lighting, try to install indirect lighting, as this is considered more soothing.

Benefits of Commercial Property Renovation

Benefits of commercial property renovation are multi-faceted. Renovation not only allows you to save a lot of space, but it also increases property value and enables the owner to charge more money in rents and leases. With proper renovations, you can also easily attract tenants and customers.

Commercial property renovation is not as expensive as it seems because you can enjoy tax deductions and other government incentives for renovating buildings and making them more energy efficient.

Expert Assistance

There are many commercial property renovation service providers that are specialized in remodeling and renovating commercial interiors and exteriors. It is always better to talk to these service providers for help. They can guide you on exactly what could be done as a part of your commercial property renovation to save office space and transform your office and improve functionality, desirability, and code compliance.