Home Staging

A crucial step in selling your home

Selling your home can be a complicated process, more involved than simply calling a real estate agent and hoping for the best. Nobody buys a home without first looking at it, and people generally make offers on places that are visually appealing. Buyers want to see what their potential new home looks like in its most attractive state.

Staging is the process of turning the interior of your home into a giant showroom so that it will appeal to the largest possible number of potential buyers. The better it looks, the more offers you will be presented with.

Taking care of every detail

At AK Solutions, we are knowledgeable about every aspect of home design. With our experience in interior design and home renovations, we know what people want, and what they find appealing. From your living room to your kitchen and bathrooms, we can put all of the right touches in place that viewers will love. Some of the details we think of include the following:

  • The positioning of furniture
  • The placement of ornaments and photographs
  • The use of window coverings and lighting to create maximum impact
  • Professional cleaning to ensure that every room is spotless

Our interior designers do not simply follow a formula. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the neighbourhood your home is in, they will create staging that appeals to the right demographic. A house in a neighbourhood with a lot of families will be staged differently to a condo unit geared to young professionals who are just starting their independent lives.

To find out more about how our staging services can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price, call us today.

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