Electrical Work

As part of our commitment to providing the best in comprehensive commercial renovation options, we’ve created electrical work services that are specifically geared towards meeting the needs of both small and large businesses. AK Solutions’ trusted team of commercial electricians ensures you get electrical work capable of lighting the way during all those late nights building your empire.


Our Commercial Electrical Work Services


Your electrical needs are our specialty! Our electricians undergo rigorous and ongoing training to ensure they are able to install any electrical elements safely, securely and up to current code standards. When installing new or fixing existing wiring, look to us for these services: 


  • Energy-efficient upgrades 
  • Inspection and repair
  • Maintenance of Electrical System
  • Specialty lighting for commercial spaces
  • Safety check and repairs
  • Installation of outlets, lighting, and complete renovation


Difference Between Commercial and Residential Electrical Work 


There are many key differences between the two types of wiring and when you hire an electrician for your business, you want to make sure you get an electrician who specializes in commercial needs. 


This is important because commercial wiring has a far greater energy demand. An electrician who doesn’t understand can easily botch the job. Additionally, set up, tools and materials are all different from residential wiring. Using residential setups in a commercial space can lead to fires, injuries and technical difficulties. 


Hiring an AK Solutions Commercial Electrician 


When you choose AK for your electrical work, you are guaranteed a commercial electrician team with comprehensive experience and innovative knowledge. We not only work towards optimal aesthetics, but also functionality, safety and energy efficiency. Our years in the industry have also given us valuable connections with suppliers so we can offer the greatest selection of products at the best prices. To learn more about what AK Solutions electrical work can do for your commercial space, contact us today. 

Call us at +1-416-319-6520 for further information or to request a free quote.