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Style and function, from the ground up

Whether you are renovating a condo, an office building or a factory, everything starts with the floor. AK Solutions will install flooring that is durable, pleasing to the eye, and serves the right purpose. Here are some of the ways we can help you with your flooring needs:

  • Restaurants: we will put in flooring that is designed to take heavy traffic, withstand frequent spills, and provide a safe surface for bustling wait staff, all while being visually appealing to your guests
  • Condos and hotels: we will install carpeting that is easy to keep clean, looks attractive to your guests and residents, and provides a sound-muffling effect to prevent people from disturbing each other
  • Office buildings: industrial grade carpeting will withstand heavy traffic while contributing to a pleasant work environment for employees and giving a good first impression to visitors.
  • Hospitals and clinics: medical environments need flooring that can handle constant movement and be sterilized easily to keep patients safe.
  • Factories/industrial settings: we will install durable flooring that can handle heavy machinery and provide a safe surface for workmen.

Things we consider when putting in flooring

AK Solutions is not in the business of simply selling you a product that looks nice. There are a number of variables that we consider when we make recommendations to our customers, including the following:

  • What kind of foot traffic are you expecting on the surface?
  • Are people moving across the surface at a slower pace, or are they passing through, in a hurry to get somewhere?
  • Are you expecting the surface to be exposed to food or beverages?
  • Does the need for soundproofing or acoustics need to be considered?
  • Does the floor need to be sterile, as in a hospital or doctor’s office?
  • Is there a possibility that heavy items will be dropped on the floor with any frequency?
  • What image do you want your flooring to convey?
  • What décor are you planning for the rest of the space?

Quality for any commercial setting

For more information about the flooring services provided by AK Solutions, call us today. We will come and look at your premises and talk about what you need, so that we can design a custom solution that will work for you.

Call us at +1-416-319-6520 for further information or to request a free quote.


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