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Drywall Taping / Painting

What is drywall taping and why is it done?

Nobody likes the sight of bare drywall. Whether your commercial space is an office, a restaurant or hotel, or a manufacturing facility, you will want to ensure that any drywall that is installed is properly painted. The challenge with this is that drywall, when it is first installed, is not smooth enough to paint on.

Taping is a technique whereby the seams between drywall sheets are levelled out. The finest paint job in the world will not cover up a poor drywall taping job. At AK Solutions, we will ensure that when your drywall has been painted, not a single seam will be visible. Your walls will look great, and your drywall will last for a long time.

Drywall taping can be a frustrating, lengthy process. Let us take the headache away from you. Our skilled staff can work in any space, big or small, and they use only the best materials. AK Solutions does not believe in cutting corners, so the job will be done right the first time.

Preparing your drywall for painting

If your drywall needs painting, we will make sure the surface is properly prepared. This includes the following:

  • Ensuring that the drywall sheets are properly secured
  • Holes and uneven surfaces have been filled in
  • The drywall and compound have been sanded to create a smooth surface
  • The surface is free of dust and the compound have been given enough time to dry

Drywall can be porous compared to other surfaces, and it is not a suitable candidate for all paints. At AK Solutions, we use high quality primer and paint that is specifically designed for use with drywall. By the time we are done, your walls will be smooth, with just the right sheen for the room being painted.

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