Sick and tired of your old bathroom? Wondering how to transform it into a dream bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket? Renovating or remodeling a bathroom is one of the most popular interior projects in the US. But it seems to be a nightmare for those who don’t have any prior experience in bathroom renovation. The process involves an array of elements to envisage.

What is the size of an ideal toilet? How much does a basic remodeling cost? How to choose the right vanity?- These are some of the frequently asked questions that might pop up on your mind while transforming your damp, dated bathroom into a beautiful and functional one.

Bathroom renovation is a costly affair. So, before embarking on your dream bathroom renovation, acquiring adequate knowledge is always useful. Explore this article to get the best 5 renovation tips for the bathroom in 2017

Tip# 1: Before You Begin – Plan

Your bathroom renovation could turn out to be a successful endeavor only when the planning is done properly. There is hardly any scope for improvisation. Consider about the space for your bathroom, material and fixtures, and budget. Then chalk out a plan. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), it might require up to six months of evaluating and planning for a proper bathroom renovation. So, gear up and have the road map ready!

Tip# 2: DIY – A Big No

Resources available on the Internet might inspire you to take on the challenge of doing the renovation task on your own. Don’t even think about it. Renovation includes a couple of steps. Waterproofing, plumbing, laying tiles, etc., are specialized tasks and requires experience, expert skill set and tools. Your DIY approach might result in a disaster and also void your house insurance.

Tip# 3: Storage, Design And Lighting – Priority

When it comes to your dream bathroom, you must not compromise with design, storage and lighting. But the reality is, bathroom storage becomes a challenge after installing a toilet, shower, sink, etc. You should try to make use of every inch of space in your bathroom. You will always find some hidden places that you can use for storage.

Every design element in your bathroom must have a purpose and be useful in some way or another. You may go for a design that’s not costly but has high visual impact. Design and lighting should complement each other. Too often lighting is ignored in bathrooms. But a small bathroom may appear larger and more elaborate with proper lighting. Keep it in mind!

Tip# 4: Proper Ventilation System – A Must

Bathroom ventilation systems play a crucial role in a bathroom renovation. Humidity not only fogs mirrors, but also results in slippery floors, and causes the growth of mildew and mold, etc. Excess humidity may also cause damage to the cabinets and painted finishes. Proper ventilation removes excess humidity and maintains healthy indoor air quality. There should be a bathroom vent and water closet fan. You may consider installing exhaust fans that have humidity-controlled switches, which start functioning when the sensor detects excess moisture.

Tip# 5: Hire An Expert–Go For The Experienced One

People without any prior experience might find it daunting and cumbersome to outline a proper plan and execute the bathroom renovation project. In this case, hiring a commercial renovation service could be the best choice. These service providers ensure contractors and installers are scheduled in a proper way and also help you add style, efficiency, and aesthetics to make your dream bathroom a reality. In addition, these service providers usually have years of experience in dealing with all odds and can come up with innovative ways to cover all aspects of bathroom renovation.


These are the best 5 tips you must remember for your bathroom renovation. Buying products that comply with standards, avoiding overcapitalizing are also very important. If you want to renovate your old bathroom or your bathroom remodeling is pending for long, 2017 is the ideal time to perform the task. You will find some of the amazing design trends, innovative products in the market that can greatly improve the value and satisfaction of your bathroom.